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Validated Courier; where compassion, commitment and expertise unite." -Tissue Customer

“I have worked extensively with VC and respect them greatly as professionals and even more so as people. They are adamant about doing the right things and doing things the right way and are very demanding when it comes to serving clients' needs. VC has significant experience developing and implementing operational solutions for clients who have the strictest of requirements in the realms of constant custody and surveillance; sensitive data; temperature control; government-directed and/or regulated statements of work; and life-and-death shipments. My experience in working to help support their clients was enlightening-- VC is eminently skilled at managing client relationships and sales but additionally has a long background in operations to include managing a nationwide network of couriers so they know both sides of the equation and have the expertise to put it all together-- experienced and highly trained individuals in customer service and transport being personally committed to each high-stakes shipment.” - Data Protection Company

"Validated Courier is everything you want in a business partner. They deliver on their promises, listen to you, and will toil endlessly to ensure that your business benefits from their services."

"New company but veteran personnel. They understand the business." - Cord blood customer

"Validated Courier has been a tremendous asset utilizing your knowledge and your 'whatever it takes' attitude to always help."

"It is my pleasure to provide a reference for Validated Courier. They do an amazing job. We ship a live product which is challenging at best, but VC makes it easy for us. We have never had a negative experience working with them. They provide a very specialized service and take personal interest in each and every shipment. Validated has helped us out and made the impossible happen when we have run into problems with other transporters. They are a class act and run a top notch, service oriented business. I simply cannot say enough good things about them. They are very honest and have great integrity. You can always count on them!" -Senior Research Associate

"If I did not know any better, I would think they previously worked in the transplant industry." - Living donor agency

“I have been fortunate to have known Brian for over 15 years and have been honored to call him mentor, advisor, strategic partner, and friend. Brian is an excellent and memorable leader. Brian possesses the ability to use his excitement and passion to influence and change an organization and create momentum with his clients. His excitement can be found within his work ethic as he drives the organization to excellence, and his passion is revealed by what he has accomplished through others which is the mark of a true leader. Brian sets the example, raises the bar, and grows those around him through mentorship. He is a dedicated leader who has the vision to guide an organization through thick and thin. He sets challenging expectations for himself and his employees throughout the organization, and fosters a culture of continuous performance improvement to include his clients. He embodies trust and integrity in his business dealings. Brian models the accomplishment of his goals with extraordinary dedication and creative energy. He proactively engages his clients through personal contact as well as innovative results. I highly recommend Brian as a leader and as a valuable strategic partner.” May 28, 2009--Government Contractor